22. What is the number of concurrent calls?


In Stringee's service packages (including StringeeX Contact Center system and Stringee API/SDK product package), the definition of "Concurrent Calls" ( often abbreviated as "CCC Number") is defined as all calls taking place on the system at the same time, such calls include:

  • Inbound calls to the contact center at the same time, including calls in the IVR tree, in queue, in voicemail status (leaving a message to the contact center), calls with an agent

  • Outbound calls out at the same time, including calls out to meet customers, calls out and waiting for the customer to pick up, calls out and in voicemail status (leaving a message to the customer)

  • Internal calls at the same time, including calls for agents calling internally through extensions

  • App-to-app calls, OTP calls to customers using integrated packages

For example, the system has the following number of calls at once:

  • (1) 2 customers are calling the contact center, of which 1 call has been received and is being exchanged. The other is ringing and waiting for the agent.

  • (2) Another agent is calling a customer

  • (3) Agent A is making an internal call to agent B

  • (4) The system is generating OTP calls to 3 customers to confirm OTP

The total number of concurrent calls at the time being tested is:

(1) + (2) + (3) + (4) = 2 + 1 + 1 + 3 = 7 concurrent calls


  • Limit the number of concurrent calls, please contact sales for more details

  • If the number of concurrent calls exceeds the registered limit, calls exceeding that limit cannot be made, the error code returned is "REACH_PLAN_LIMIT"

  • If there is a call from a customer to the hotline (system/contact center), the call goes to the agent's phone number (call type is "Dump to agent's phone number") and will be calculated 1 concurrent call

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