3. Contact

In the contact interface, the user can see all the internal and customer contacts (which are the contacts of the users on the system) that satisfy the conditions in the display permissions section. .

View contact details

When selecting and opening a contact the user will have the contact's details.

Contact details

This will include all contact information fields including: system default fields and user-created contact fields.

  • Edit contact: For the app interface, users can edit the company, name, and title fields.

  • Switch interface: The system will switch to the default contact interface on IOS.

  • Message: send text messages to the Client.

  • Make a call: make a call to the contact.

- If it is a Customer contact: the system automatically selects call out mode.

- If it's an internal contact: the system automatically selects free voice call mode.

Contact information

  • Ticket: Lists the tickets generated by the contact whose "contact field" on the system is the corresponding contact. The tickets are listed by the most recent time from top to bottom. The user selects the next pages to see more tickets of the corresponding contact.

  • Note: allows users to create notes with “Title” and “Content” to save the information to annotate for this contact.

  • Reminder: Create a reminder task related to this contact. The user clicks on and fills in the required information including: task name, task content, completion date (time of task's deadline), remind me via Email at (i.e. time email reminds about task - this time must be before or equal to the due date), then choose create task to save.

Create a contact

To create a contact, click on the "+" icon.

Note: Contact creation is only for Customer contact, not for internal contact.

The user completes the creation of the Customer contact by filling in the contact fields. In which the fields with a red "*" are required fields, otherwise the contact will not be created.

Search a contact

Users press the "magnifying glass" icon on the screen to search for contacts by name or phone number. The search field applies equally to both Customer and internal contacts.

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