7. Set up call notifications on the phone app


The illustrations in the manual are used from:

  • Device: Realme Q3 pro 5G

  • Android version: 11.0.0

Do đặc trưng các hãng sản xuất điện thoại khác nhau nên giao diện giữa các thiết bị có thể khác so với minh hoạ, mục đích cuối cùng của hướng dẫn là cho phép ứng dùng StringeeX có quyền chạy trên nền, thông báo khi tắt máy và quyền tự khởi chạy

Due to features of different phone manufacturers, the interface between devices may vary from the images. The ultimate purpose of the guide is to allow the StringeeX application to have the right to run in the background, notify when the phone is turned off and auto-launch.

Installation steps

  • Step 1: Go to Settings => Application Management => StringeeX (Depending on each device line, this path may be different)

  • Bước 2: Select “Battery usage” => Select the same options as shown in the image (Allow the application to run in the background, allow auto-launch). Depending on each device model, this path may be different, so the options may be different:

  • Step 3: Turn on allow notifications. StringeeX needs to be allowed desktop notifications, screen lock, banner notifications. The features that need to be turned on are similar to those shown in the image. Depending on the device model, the options may vary:

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