Email template

Interface of email template list

(1) Information filter

  • Campaign: email campaign name using email template

  • Template : email template name

(2) Filter result

  • Email template ID: id of template

  • Title: email template subject

  • Campaign: campaign name using corresponding email template

  • Action:

    • Copy: create a new email template that is identical to an existing email template

    • Edit: edit an existing email template

Create an email template

  • Step 1: In the list of email templates, the admin clicks the "Add template" button to create a new email template

  • Step 2: At the Add email template interface, the admin can design the email template as required and then click the "Add template" button after completing to save it.

Note: the placeholder of the email is used in case of sending a personalized email or adding a survey link

  • For personalized email: admin copy the necessary fields in the View available placeholders into the email form

  • With survey link: admin chooses placeholder {{url_survey_link}} to add to email template

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