Customer warehouse

Interface of customer warehouse

(1) Information filter

  • Customer list: filter by customer list name (customer group name)

  • Last modified: filter by the most recent update time of the customer list

  • Add list: StringeeX supports customers to create a customer list (customer group) from an existing contact on the system or through the created contact filter (in advanced filter)

(2) Filter result

  • Customer list name: created customer group name

  • Campaign name: corresponding customer group campaign name was added

  • Action:

    • Edit: add/edit/delete customers in the respective list

    • Delete: delete customer list (delete customer group)

Add customers to customer warehouse

Admin can click “Add list” to add customers to the customer warehouse

  • List name: name the customer list

  • Add from:

    • Contact: add the contact word available on the system

    • Filter: add from contact filter created in Advanced Filters section

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