9.4.1 Trigger introduction


Trigger is a setting that allows automatic action to occur when a ticket is created or updated and certain conditions are met. Using Trigger helps increase automation in the process of classifying work and notifying customers or support teams. For example, Trigger can be used to automatically notify customers when an email is received in a business mailbox or notify support team when there is a missed call. With StringeeX, businesses can create Triggers with no limit on the number.

Trigger consists of two components:

  • Condition: one or a combination of conditions, criteria are combined together (conditions "And" or "Or")

  • Action: the event that occurs when the condition is met

In StringeeX, triggers are applied to the ticket system. When the trigger is activated, the tickets from the time the trigger is initiated will be checked almost immediately when there is a new creation/change. When the trigger condition is satisfied, the action corresponding to the log is performed.


Common uses of triggers:

  • Automatically email the agent to be assigned a missed call ticket (set up the display of information of the ticket on the notification email such as the ticket title, the ticket content, the ticket URL ...)

  • Automatically set Emergency priority on tickets from certain customers

  • Automatically CCs agent B in the tickets assigned to agent A (for agent B to assist agent A in the work)

  • Automatically send email responses to customer emails, set up the display of information of the note on the response email (record title, content of the note ..)

  • Automatically email management notifications when the assigned person on the ticket changes

  • Automatically email the agent when the agent is assigned a ticket

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