9.10.2 Plans

Here users can view the registered service package and can upgrade to a higher package if necessary for demand.

  • List of service packages: service packages available on the system and the number of registered accounts for each package.

Example: As shown in Image 2, the user is using the service package of Contact Center 2 with the number of accounts is 100.

  • Package details: the details of the registered service package.

- Current package: service packages registered on the system.

- Price: the total amount users need to pay for the service package they want to register.

- Billing cycle: the duration of the service package.

- Status: there are 3 statuses: “Active”, “Try”, “Inactive”.

- Next payment time: the time when the user needs to pay to continue using the service pack on the system.

- Register from: the time of successful registration and payment of service packages.

- Action: user can view service package details via 1 bulletin board and can perform Service Package Upgrade or Unsubscribe service pack.

  • Upgrade package: to upgrade to a higher service package or buy more accounts for the current service package, click the "Upgrade plan" button.

At the package upgrade interface, the user selects and adjusts the number of items to suit new needs.

After completing the selection of the service package, the user makes the payment by pressing the "Next" button.

- Package usage cycle: from the time of registration to the time of renewal. The longer the package cycle is selected, the higher the discount on the service fee.

- Packages: Service packages available on the system.

- Price: the price is for 1 account of the service package.

- Quantity: the number of accounts you want to register.

- Total: the total amount corresponding to the Service Package and the number of subscriptions. The formula is “Total” = “Price” x “Quantity”.

After selecting the service package, the user makes the payment by pressing the "Next" button.

Here the user will check the information of the service package to be registered and select the appropriate payment method. Finally the user presses the payment button and does the next steps to complete.

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