Zalo helps users to interact with customers who message to Zalo OA directly on Stringee's system.

To add a Zalo OA page, the user selects the add page button on the interface. Soon the user will be able to come to the Zalo OA integrated interface.

In this interface, the user will select Zalo OA to integrate into the system, check the box "Agree to allow Stringee to manage the Official Account" and finally press "Allow".

  • Note: To integrate the Zalo OA into the system, the user who manipulates the page must have Admin permission on the Zalo OA page. When being an Admin of Zalo OA, the user can grant the maximum permissions as shown in Image 3 for Stringee's system.

To complete the integration the user will configure Page on the Stringee system. After clicking the fan page settings button on the system interface:

  • Inactive/Active: enable/disable Page Zalo OA works on the system.

  • Prioritize online agent: The ticket will be given priority to the online Agent in the assigned queue. If there is no Agent, online ticket will be randomly assigned to the Agent.

  • Send email notification: the system will send an email notification when the ticket is assigned to the Agent.

  • Create a ticket when the page owner sends a message or comment: when the page owner/the admin comments or sends a message to the page he is managing, he will also create a record on the system.

  • Assigned to a queue: Agents in the queue will receive the Customer's chat to the system as well as share the ticket created on the system.

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