Live chat

Users configure as well as integrate the live-chat Button into the existing website so that customers can message directly with the users assigned to chat directly on the Stringee system.

Chat embed code for Website

The user will copy the script and insert it into the HTML source code of the pages on the Website that the user needs to display Live-chat.

Configure live-chat window interface information

  • Automatically create a ticket: all chats Customers chat into the switchboard will be automatically generated.

  • Close the chat ticket at the end of the chat: the generated chat record will also revert to the closed state if the chat is reverted to the ended state.

  • Activate Zalo when chatting: customer chat messages from Zalo OA will flow to Stringee system. Activate Facebook when chatting: customer chat messages from Facebook will flow to Stringee system.

  • Activate the phone field: customers who chat in the system are required to enter the phone number on the live-chat window.

  • Allow email field: customers who chat in the system are required to enter email on the live-chat window.

  • Show chat routes: the main chat routes are the queues on the system.

- If enabled: customers can choose the desired chat route when texting into the system.

- If disabled: the user will choose a default route to transfer customer chats there.

  • Overwrite data: the system will check if the same customer texted in, will overwrite the data if the customer enters different information previously entered on the system.

  • The URL is opened when replying: when the User receives the chat, the system will automatically open the assigned URL.

  • Select business hours: the system only receives messages during this time. If outside this time, the chat will not flow to the system.

Detailed configuration for chat on the system

  • Agent transition time: the user needs to use any item, he will check the box of that item's selection.

When a User has received the chat and if it meets the conditions as well as the specified time, the chat will be forwarded to another User in the chat receiving queue. In case all other Users are not available to receive chat, the chat can continue to flow to the previous User who received chat.

  • Status transition time: the chat will be switched to "Inactive" or "Ended" status if the conditions and specified time are satisfied.

Chat status "Inactive": can understand the chat is in the waiting state. If the Customer continues to text while the chat is in this state, the chat will be continued by the previous chatting User and changed to the "Replying" state.

Configure chat window interface

  • Select the display language: the language will be displayed on the chat window.

  • Select the display background color: the color will be displayed on the chat window.

  • Location:

- Side distance (in px): compared to the 2 left or right borders of the Website depending on the position set in the above item.

- Bottom distance (in px): compared to the bottom border of the Website.

  • Pending messages: messages are displayed automatically when customers text in.

  • Logo image: the logo image is displayed on the live-chat window.

Chat template

Used to create quick chat templates for users. The chat template can be applied to all chat channels (livechat, Facebook, Zalo).

Create a chat template

The user will click the button to create a chat template on the interface.

The user will then proceed to create a chat template with the categories on the system:

  • Chat template title: is the name of the chat template.

  • Apply to: there will be 2 options for users, all Agents (all users on the system can use) and only me (only chat creators can use).

  • Content: this is the content that will be displayed after the user manipulates to use the chat form.

How to use chat templates in chat conversations

In the text input box in the chat conversation, the user enters the syntax "/" + "chat template title (or part of the text of the chat template title)" to select the appropriate chat template.


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