Internet calls

For internet calls, users have 2 options: Stringee App or Button call.

Stringee App

To use Stringee App, users will need to download the above mobile App and scan the QR code on the system.

Button call

For Button call users will configure and embed directly into the available website of the user, company, etc.. After the configuration is complete, the user will copy and paste the code below before the tag </body> on each page where you want the Button Call to appear on the Website.

Detailed configuration for Button call

Select interface

Users can choose 1 of 2 interfaces on the system depending on the needs and desires of the user.

Edit interface

  • Logo: the user uploads an image from the device to match the caption.

  • Background color: color will be displayed as shown in the picture.

  • Location: users can customize the position to be most suitable and beautiful when the call button is displayed on the website.

  • Logo button call size: 3 sizes are small, medium, large.

Edit display content

  • Hotline: users enter the hotline number of individuals, businesses, etc.

  • Description, Title of instruction, Content of instructions: enter the information the user wants to display on the button call interface for guests to read.

  • Language: the source language is displayed on the button call.

Call configuration

  • Show chat route: if not enabled, the user will choose a fixed hotline number when the customer makes a call to the system. If turned on, customers when calling can choose the hotline number they want. This is also the number displayed with the User receiving the call on the system.

  • Select the default call route: the user selects the default hotline number for the Customer when making a call to the system.

  • Call type: buttons (icons) will be displayed on the Website interface.

  • Open call screen: this is the interface when Customer after pressing call on the call button, Stringee's call softphone will be opened.

  • Enable the phone field: Guests need to enter a phone number when calling via the call button.

  • Enable name field: Guests need to enter a name when calling via the call button.

  • Overwrite data: the system checks that the same customer will overwrite the data if the customer enters different information on the system.

  • Working hours: choose the time to allow incoming calls from Button call.

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