With the email channel, users can integrate and manage 3 different email formats: internal email, Gmail, SMTP email.

To integrate one of the three email formats above into the system, users need to click the "Add email address" button and select the email format to add as shown in Image 2.

Internal email

StringeeX provides an Internal email feature that supports users to create call center emails without going through 3rd parties (Gmail, Outlook,...). Internal emails only have the role of receiving emails sent into the system. Users can configure to receive email sent from outside into the system, but users on the Stringee system cannot respond with the same internal email.

  • Email: the user enters the beginning of the email. The default email extension will be according to the Portal domain the user has created.

  • Full name: the name of the internal email.

  • Take one among queues: the user selects the queue to receive incoming emails.

  • Assign to Online agents: the ticket of the email will give priority to the agent who is online on the system.

  • Auto reply: If this feature is enabled, the user will compose the subject and the content that needs to be answered automatically to the customer sending the email.


It's google email. For Gmail users can configure to receive emails sent from outside into the system as well as reply with Gmail itself.

When choosing to integrate Gmail into the system, users will be taken to the interface to log in to their google email account to manipulate the integration.

During the login process, to use all Gmail features on StringeeX, users need to authorize StringeeX to use Gmail services by checking the following items and clicking Allow:

After adding gmail to the system, users will see the email displayed on the list. Here, the user selects the "Update" item to configure gmail.

  • Active: enable or disable the active status of gmail on the system.

  • Select queue: the user selects the queue to receive incoming emails.

  • Prioritize online agent: the ticket of the email will give priority to the agent who is online on the system.

SMTP email

SMTP email is a feature suitable for customers who already have an email server that provides SMTP services. To create an SMTP email, on the email list screen, click Add email address → SMTP email and enter the following information:

  • Email: the email that the user has configured in the SMTP format, the email formats here can be: Gmail, Outlook, ...

  • Password: the password of the SMTP email.

  • Host: this is the host of the email the user has configured with SMTP, depending on the email format (Gmail, Outlook, ...) will have different hosts.

  • Port: the port of the email configured with SMTP.

After creating an SMTP email, users can use this email to send email to client. However, to receive client emails sent to STMP email, users need to configure Forward email to an Internal email on StringeeX on the mail server of SMTP email.

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