Blacklist numbers

Blocked numbers are numbers that are in the blacklist of the system and will be blocked from calling out or blocking inbound calls (IVR or Queue).

To add a number to the user block list, click the "Add block number" button on the interface:

There are two ways to add numbers to the block list:

  • Enter the phone number manually: the user enters the phone number he wants to block according to the form on the system.

  • Upload block list file: users download the system's sample file in Excel format, then enter the list of numbers to block and upload to the system.

When adding numbers to the block list, users will have options to block numbers that match the desired purpose and requirements:

  • (1) Blocking into the IVR tree: blocked subscribers cannot call into the system and be included in the IVR.

  • (2) Blocking into queue: blocked subscribers can still call in and be included in IVR but will be disconnected as soon as time in IVR expires.

  • (3) Blocking out calls: all users on Portal cannot use any hotline numbers to call out to blocked subscribers.

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