9.1.3 Personnel list

Here, users can view all personnel and manipulate the number and information of personnel to better suit the company.

Add and delete personnel

The user clicks on the add personnel button to add the accounts to the service.

When adding personnel to the portal, users have 2 options: add an account or add a group. At the same time, users can also assign permissions to accounts or groups added to the portal.

Delete personnel

To remove personnel from the portal, users need to do the following 2 steps:

  • Tick ​​the personnel to be removed from the portal.

  • Click the delete button.

Personnel filter

In order to search as well as track, manage the service's personnel more easily than the system has provided users with the personnel filter:

(1) Search box: Enter the name of the person, group or email.

(2) Filter by personnel or by group of personnel.

(3) Filter by role of personnel (User or Admin).

Table of information field and list of personnel

In the personnel table, there are a total of 5 fields of information.

(1) Name: the name of the person or the name of the service team.

(2) Email: email of service personnel (HR team will not have email).

(3) Role: User or Admin.

(4) Extra time: time personnel/personnel groups are added to the service.

(5) Action (Image 8): the user has 2 options which are Edit (change the personnel role/personnel group) and Remove personnel/personnel group from the portal.

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