6.2.4 Queue monitoring

Purpose of queue monitoring

Queue monitoring was developed to support users to monitor "Real-time" in each queue where the number of Agents in the specific status (online, free, answering, ringing) and the number of Customers waiting on the queue.

Queue monitor report fields

(1) Online: The agent has been logged in to the StringeeX system at the time of monitoring.

(2) Available: The agent is online and has system call state and manual configuration call state available.

(3) On a call: The number of calls entering the agent but not being picked up by the agent.

(4) Ringing: The number of calls poured into the agent and picked up by the agent.

(5) Waitng: The number of calls that have been queued but have not yet reached the Agent. For call waiting we will have 2 cases:

- All agents are busy (on call, no agent free).

- Exceeded the maximum number of waiting calls of the queue.

Note: items 2, 3, 4, 5 only apply to calls, not to chat channels.

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