6.2.2 Chat monitoring

This feature allows supervisors and admins to monitor all the chats in real-time on the system, intervening in the chats if necessary.

Chat monitoring interface

(1) Information filter

  • Queue: filter real-time chats by queue name. The user can either unselect a queue (to see all) or select multiple queues (to view chats in that queue).

(2) Real-time chat fields

  • ID: chat code on StringeeX

  • Customer: customer name entered at the beginning of the conversation (for Zalo, customers who have not clicked interest will display Zalo's Visitor ID)

  • Email: the email entered by the customer at the start of the conversation

  • Queue: conversation reception queue

  • Status: the status of the chat, including ringing (pending to the agent but the agent has not received) and answering (the agent is chatting with the customer)

  • Status duration: duration in the current status of the chat

  • Agent: the agent is chatting with the customer or the agent to which the system is pouring the conversation

  • Start time: chat start time

  • Action: management interventions. Note: supervisor/admin can only perform interventions on a chat that has been received by the agent (the status is answering).

    • View: watch live chat

    • Join: join the conversation

    • Transfer: move the conversation from the current agent to another agent

    • End: end the conversation

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