Chat history


Chat history will summarize the entire number of chats of all channels: Livechat, Facebook, Zalo OA. Here, each call is reflected in detail according to different information fields and includes the corresponding chat content of each chat so that users (managers) can monitor the status of customer care through chat channels, evaluate get the efficiency of the agent.

Chat history report filter

The chat history report filter will help users monitor conveniently, evaluate and classify chats as they like.

(1) Total chats: the total number of chats that satisfy the filter's information fields.

(2) ID: every time a new chat is born, it will have its own Conv-ID.

(3) Visitor name: Customer's name is entered into the system. For the Zalo OA chat channel, it will appear in the form of the Customer ID. In case the Customer has clicked on the Zalo OA of the business, the Customer Zalo name will be displayed.

Example: Customer ID

(4) Visitor number: Customer's phone number texted into the system.

(5) Rating: Customer's evaluation of texting into the system (Note: only applies to messages of Livechat channel).

(6) Agent: the employees working on the contact center.

(7) Visitor Email: Customer's email address who texted into the system.

(8) Chat status: is the current status of the chat including

- Answering chat: Agent and Client are exchanging information.

- Answered chat: Agent or Customer ended the chat.

- Not received chat: the chat has not been received by any Agent.

(9) Channels types: LiveChat, Facebook, Zalo OA.

(10) Messages (>=): filter by the number of messages in the chat greater than or equal to the number entered.

(11) Queues: existing queues.

(12) Ticket: each generated chat has a separate serial code (Note: the chat that is manipulated by the Agent to continue chatting from the finished chat will not have a serial code)

(13) Time created: the time the chat was initiated on the system.

(14) Last updated: the time of recording the last update of the chat (the chat changed status, the time of the last message of the Agent or the Customer)

Chat history statistic report table

In addition to the information fields available in the chat history report filter, we have 3 more information fields (15), (16), (17).

(15) Last message: is the last message in the chat of Agent or Custome on the system.

(16) Page number of report table: user can click to page to go to the next page.

(17) Number of results displayed in the report: there are 10, 20, 50 results.

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