Agent's chat performance

Statistics about the number of inbound chats/received chats, the average reply speed, the average reply time, etc. to evaluate the chat channel performance and adjust the strategy accordingly

Chat performance interface

(1) Information filter

  • Agent: filter by agent information. This field can select multiple options at the same time. By default, all agents will be listed.

  • Time: filter by time period for statistics

  • Queue: filter by chat receiving queue information. This field can select multiple options at the same time for all queues as the default

  • Export data: export filtered information (after pressing search and the interface returns results). Data file in excel format.

(2) Chat performance statistic results table

  • Agent name: the name of the filtered agent

  • Incoming chats: number of incoming chats. Note that this parameter is different from the number of chats on the system. For example, the chat goes to agent A, A does not respond, so the chat continues to flow to agent B, B receives the chat and replies, in this case the chat number arrives of A is 1, the number of incoming chats of B is 1

  • Number of replies: the number of incoming chats received by the agent during the chat time

  • Average reply rate (seconds): average waiting time of received chats. Waiting time of a received chat from the moment the chat is queued to when the agent takes over

  • Average response time (seconds): average chat time of agents with customers, only on received chats. The time to respond to each chat is counted from the time the customer and the agent start chatting with each other until the chat ends.

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