History of call distribution to agent


When a customer calls the hotline number of the contact center, the call will be allocated to the corresponding queue of the hotline number. After the call has been queued, it will continue to be allocated to the Agents in that queue, which can be 1, 2 or more times according to the configured rules.

Thus, the sum of all calls to the Agent according to the different queues is the Call History to the Agent.

Statistical report filter

To facilitate monitoring and evaluation of the agent's performance, the system has the following information filters:

(1) Call code: also known as the unique call ID of each call. Can get call ID Call history report.

(2) Call types: including inbound calls, outbound calls, and internal calls between employees.

(3) Receiving calls: including 2 cases where Agent answers the phone or doesn't answer the phone.

(4) Agent: is the employee's account on the system.

(5) Queues: queues are created on the system.

(6) Time: users can choose the desired time period to filter information (the maximum time in 1 filter is 31 days)

In addition, the system has an additional item that is to export report files in Excel format to make it easier for users to make personal reports and collect information at will. The downloaded file will be returned to the personal device or the email of the agent manages to export.

Statistical report information fields

(7) Call ID: also known as the unique code of each call.

(8) Name: is the Agent to which the call is distributed.

(9) Start time: the start time of the call to the Agent.

(10) End time: the end time of the call to the Agent.

(11) Answer time: the time the Agent picks up the phone of the Agent.

(12) Ringing duration: duration of 1 call to Agent (seconds).

(13) Answer duration: Agent call answering time (seconds).

(14) Call start time: the time when calls is distributed into the queue.

(15) Call end time: the time when the call ends completely.

(16) Call direction: including inbound calls, outbound calls, internal calls.

(17) Queue: is the queue to which the call is distributed.

(18) Reason for no answer: the reason of the agent did not receive the call.

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