Call history reports

The call history report aggregates all the calls that have occurred through the contact center system along with the corresponding detailed information fields.

Call history report interface

(1) Information filter

  • Call ID: the identifier of each call generated on the StringeeX system.

  • Call type: call classification (incoming calls, outgoing calls, internal calls).

  • Agent: filter by agent name.

  • Call status: call status (meeting call, missed call, stop at IVR, stop at customer survey).

  • Talk time: filter calls with talk time greater than or equal to the value entered, in seconds.

  • Wait time: filter conversations with a timeout greater than or equal to this input value, in seconds.

  • Hotline number: filter by hotline number on the system.

  • Customer number: filter by customer's phone number (note the format of the country code, for example 84xxxxxxxxx).

  • Campaign: filter calls that fall within the campaign.

  • Queue: filter calls with selected queue. Note that filtering is only for inbound calls.

  • Groups: filter calls with the selected group name. Includes both inbound and outbound calls.

  • Enable IVR surveys: filter calls with enabled/disabled customer surveys.

  • IVR survey key: filter calls with enabled IVR survey and key press results according to the selected IVR key.

  • Enable voicemail: filter calls with enabled voicemail.

  • Ending code: call termination code.

  • Call ending reason: call ending reason.

  • Time: filter calls by call start time.

  • Ticket field: display additional filters for the corresponding ticket field.

  • Export report: export report data in an excel format (Note that the data in the file will correspond to the specified information fields displayed).

(2) Customize the display information field

  • Call ID: the identifier of each call generated on the StringeeX system

  • Call type: call classification (incoming calls, outgoing calls, internal calls)

  • Customer number: customer phone number (note the format of the country code, for example 84xxxxxxxxx)

  • Contact name: customer's contact name on portal StringeeX

  • Company: business name of the contact on the portal StringeeX

  • Hotline number: hotline number on the system

  • Agent: the name of the agent (the agent) assigned on the call, who makes an outbound call or receives an inbound call.

  • Start time: call start time

  • End time: call end time

  • Standby time: the time the call is in waiting status

    • Outbound calls: waiting time from the time the call starts to when the customer answers the phone or the call ends when the customer has not answered the phone.

    • Inbound calls: waiting time from the time the customer calls into the queue until the agent answers the phone or the call ends but the agent has not answered the phone, excluding the time the customer listens to the IVR greeting

  • ACW: processing time after the call

  • Call status: includes 3 statuses

    • Answered call: a call in which the parties talked to each other

    • Missed call: is an inbound call that was queued but cannot meet the agent or an outbound call but the customer did not answered the phone

    • Stop at IVR: inbound call is terminated at IVR (when client is listening to IVR greeting, call was not queued)

  • Hold time: the time the agent holds the phone (pause/hold) during the call

  • Talk time: from the time the customer and agent start talking to each other until the call ends, including the time on hold (if any)

  • Ticket: serial number of the corresponding generated log of the call

  • Recording file: the corresponding recording file of the call, the agent can listen or download the recording file from here.

  • Call ending reason: the main reasons for ending calls include

    • User end call: due to the caller or listener ending the call

    • Can not make call: agent cannot make outbound calls because of no permissions from the system. For example, the agent calls out of business hours, the agent is on another phone call, so the system does not allow to call out (at one point in time, the system only allows the agent to make a single call), carrier error (time error, high load, charge limit, charge debt)

    • Destination phone number is incorrect

    • The hotline number used to call out no longer exists on the portal (due to a previous deletion request, not enough money to maintain the number)

    • Rest API Stop: the inbound call is timed out in the queue (maximum queue wait time) and ends when the agent has not been reached, or the call is interrupted by the admin/ supervisor using the call interrupt function on the call monitoring screen

  • Call ended by: call ended by external or internal reason

  • Assigned to agent: whether the call is poured to the agent or not

(3) Table of results

  • Title: The specified data information field is displayed at (2)

  • Value: corresponding statistical data

    • For the Call Code field, the user can click directly to see the call drop history in turn. For example, call 1 goes to agent A, this agent actively turns off the call, so the call automatically switches to B and is received.

    • For Contact field, user can click directly to view contact details

    • For the Serial field, the user can click directly to see the details of the ticket corresponding to the call

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