1.5. Campaign

Campaign statistics dashboard evaluates survey results, categorizes and enhances customer management. Export excel file to store, share and synchronize customer information.

Campaign interface

  • Campaign name: The user filters results by Name campaign

  • Start time: The user filters by the campaign start time

  • Search: After selecting the filter parameter, the user clicks Search to display the results

  • Export a report: Export the searched campaign report. Note: this report only includes contacts called out during the campaign and entered into the survey report by the agent.

(2) Results

  • Agent name: The customer name in the contact dataset is added to the campaign (add via a filter, an excel file, add directly,...). It acts as the contact name on the portal.

  • Campaign ID: Campaign identifier after initiating the campaign successfully. This ID is for use when there is a request or problem that needs support from the StringeeX contact center

  • Campaign name: The name of the initiated campaign

  • Call type: Call-in type, StringeeX supports Outbound campaign

  • Phone number: The customer phone number. Depending on the settings, the phone number can be shown in full or as a hidden number (84xxxxxxxxx) to portal users (agents).

  • Call status: The status of call (Successful - Failed - Undone)

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