6. Note when uploading contacts via excel file

Notes when uploading contacts via excel file:

  • Format: All fields need to be converted to text

  • Number: Numbers should contain a country code with conditions of no spaces, no periods,... between digits. For example, number 0987654321 needs to be converted to 84987654321 with the country code of Vietnam (84). Here is a formula to reformat numbers without beginning 84, numbers with spaces in between, numbers with leading 0, numbers with a forbidden sign separating digits can refer to the formula below. G2 is the data cell to be reformatted.

=IF(LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(G2,".",""), " ", ""),2)="84",SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(G2,".",""), " ", ""),IF(LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(G2,".",""), " ", ""),1)="0", "84"&RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(G2,".",""), " ", ""),9), "84"&SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(G2,".",""), " ", "")))
  • Choose the type of contact check when uploading: learn more at here

  • Account manager: This information field is the email of the agent corresponding account manager, not the agent name or agent extension number.

  • Required fields: Before uploading the contact to the system, the user needs to make sure the required fields (including system fields and fields are set to require in the contact field configuration). Note that the name field in the downloaded excel template is "Name*" ("Name" and has an asterisk "*"). Users must not delete this asterisk.

  • Error: When uploading contacts, the system will send an email notification. This message includes upload result, number of successful contacts, number of failed upload contacts. In this email attachment, users can check the error case through the last error code column (this column will have error information when a contact has an error)

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