4. Make a call

Softphone interface

  • Phone number box: The user enters the phone number to make a call.

  • Select a hotline: The user selects the appropriate hotline number to call out to the Customer.

  • Call type:

- Select call type: The system will have a message notification asking you what type of call you want to choose.

- Video call via internet: Internal video calling between users on the system.

- Voice call via internet: internal voice calls between users on the system.

- Phone call: The system makes a call to the phone number entered above via the internet. When there is a connection (ringing) to the Guest side, it will be a normal GSM call.

Note: To maintain stable and clear call quality, users need to ensure that the internet connection they are using must be really good and stable.

Interface “call in-progress”

After entering the number, selecting items at the softphone and making a call out, the user will be taken to the interface:

Here the user can manipulate the following options:

  • Mic: Enable/disable mic during calls.

  • Keypad: Allows the user to press the key when making a call.

  • Speaker: Enable/disable speaker when making a call.

  • Transfer call: Users can transfer calls during making or receiving calls.

When transferring a call, the user can choose from the following options:

- Agent: transfers a call to 1 user on the system.

- Queue: transfer the call to a queue created on the system.

- Phone number: The user will enter the phone number to transfer the call or select the number directly from the phone book on the phone device.

  • Add people to the call: Users can add other users on the system to the call.

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