Set up personnel information

Interface of personnel information

Choose agent needed to update information or settings. Click "Update".

  • Email: email to receive invitation (email of personnel used to log in to the system).

  • Phone number: agent phone number.

  • Name: the displayed name of the personnel on the system after adding.

  • Role in the portal: the role of personnel after accepting the invitation (Admin - supervisor - agent).

  • Add to group and select position in group: add to group and role in corresponding group.

  • Add to service and role in service: add to service and role in service respectively.

Interface of contact center configuration

  • Routing type: type of incoming call to agent

    • Web/Mobile App/SIP phone: go to web, app, SIP phone logged in agent's account

    • Agent's phone number: agent's personal phone number

    • App: only distribute calls to the app

    • IP phone: only direct calls to IP phone

  • Agent's phone number: agent phone number, if "Drop incoming call" is Agent phone number, this field is required, number format is 84xxxxxxxxx.

  • Auto answer call: If this feature is on, the call will be automatically answered after 5 seconds of countdown when a call reaches this agent.

  • Maximum connection time per internal call(s): maximum internal call time of outbound calls from this agent.

  • Maximum connection time per outbound call(s): maximum outbound time of calls out from this agent.

  • Allow out of business hour callout: If turned off, admin needs to set working hours (this employee can only call out during these working hours).

  • Extension: The agent's extension (extension number), usually used for internal calling.

  • Maximum chats: The maximum number of chats this agent can receive at a time.

  • Create SIP Phone account: If this option is selected, a SIP account configuration (for logging in to IP phone, SIP phone) will appear, including username, password, domain.

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