Ticket field configuration

Users can add information fields other than available the information fields on the system. This action is to store customer information in detail to increase the efficiency of customer service.

Ticket fields will be displayed inside the ticket details on the system for users to update. Besides, the ticket fields will also be displayed on the ticket statistics interface on the system.

Ticket field formats

Ticket fields will include 10 different formats. To create a new ticket field, the user will choose the appropriate data type and format according to the purpose and needs.


Only characters can be entered in a single line.

Multi-line text

Can enter characters in multiple lines (can use enter button to break a line).

Includes multiple options and the user can choose 1 of them.


The user is only allowed to enter characters in the format of integers. Otherwise, the system will return an error message.


The user is only allowed to enter characters that are formatted as decimal numbers. The system integer will return an error message.

Check box

For this field there is only 1 option. The user can tick that option or not.

Regular Express


The user will select the date in the available calendar entry.

Multiple choices

Multiple choices can be selected in one field.

Dependent field

Will include parent directories containing subdirectories.

Configure ticket field details

The ticket field details configuration usually has the following items:

  • Display label: name of the ticket field.

  • The field key: can be understood as the private symbol of the field. This key cannot be changed after the field is created.

  • The required field: if enabled, the user is required to enter, select, etc. to complete the ticket update.

  • Display in Livechat: when customers message the system via Livechat, they can choose according to the school's information.

  • Display in Button call: when the Customer calls the system via Button call, they can choose according to the information of the school.

  • Particularly for the drop-down, multiple-choice fields, the folder: there will be more options for users to add company options.

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