1. Log in


Supported Android version: 5.0.0

Login steps

  • Step 1: Download APP. The user enters CHPLAY on device, searches for “StringeeX”:

  • Step 2: The user downloads and installs the app on the device

  • Step 3: Log in. After downloading and installing the software successfully, users proceed to log in the following orders:

    • Domain: The user enters the login domain information. For example, on an Admin computer managed by a portal with the path: https://stringee.stringeex.com, users will enter here information: “stringee.stringeex.com” (Note: Remove spaces at the end, do not enter “https”)

    • Email: Enter the email into the system

    • Password: Enter login password

  • Step 4: After completing the login, the user will enter the StringeeX app interface. Users click on the corresponding tabs of contact, ticket, and settings to manipulate

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