2.2. Company details

StringeeX supports customers to make general statistics about the respective business's records, Contacts, and Notes.

Business detail interface

(1) Business information

  • Business information field details: includes the system information fields and the “custom” fields that have been configured in the Company Configuration section.

  • Actions:

    • Edit: edit business information fields

    • Delete: delete the corresponding business

(2) Relevant information of the business

  • Ticket: lists the tickets generated by the contact whose “business field” on the system is the corresponding Company. The tickets are listed from the most recent time at the top to the oldest at the bottom, the user selects the next pages to view more tickets of the corresponding business. Note that the tickets in the interface of different roles (Admin, Supervisor, Agent) may be different due to the display permissions.

  • Contact: lists contacts whose “business field” is the respective showing business

  • Note: allows users to create notes with "Title" and "Content" to save information to annotate for this business

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