9.3.1 Contact field

Depending on the business and their management needs, administrators can customize the contact field or company on their data management system

Interface of contact field

(1) List of contact field

(2) Data type

Here, admin can choose the types of information suitable. Admin also decide whether the information field is required to fill in or not by selecting “Required” in Section(3).

  • Single-line ext: String data and no breaks

  • Multi-line text: Paragraph data can contain multiple lines of characters

  • Drop-down: Agent selects only one of the options of the field (eg. Admin creates a Customer Type field for Contact with data type drop-down, including 3 options: personal, business, unknown. Then, select only one of these 3 values ​​per contact.)

  • Number: Integer data

  • Decimal: Decimal data

  • Checkbox: Checkbox data type allows agent to click on empty box (For example: admin creates VIP Customer field for contact with checkbox data type. Then, agent clicks if contact is VIP customer, agent leaves blank if the contact is not a VIP)

  • Regular expression: the agent input value in the field must match the set expression (eg. Admin creates Email field for Contact with regular expression data type with regular expression value of @. Then, agent can only store values ​​containing @ in the Email field)

  • Date: data type date month year (eg. Admin creates field date of birth, registration date... for Contact with date data type)

  • Multiple select: agent can choose one or more field options (for example admin creates a Product field for contact with multiple choice data type, including 3 options: StringeeX, Call API, Chat API. For each contact, the agent clicks on one or more of the above options)

  • Dependent field: agent can choose an option of a field located at a certain location in the directory tree the admin created

(3) Field creation

This information will appear corresponding to the corresponding field initialization data type. In the illustration is an example of initializing a field of type “Directory Tree”. Admin clicks on the “Folder” at (2), the corresponding information appears. If the field does not have information (values), admin enter this information and click “Create field”, if this information field already exists, admin can edit the values ​​of the field, click “Update field” to update. Note, the “Field Key” field cannot be edited after initialization. Admin can also delete fields by clicking on the corresponding field and selecting “Delete”

Note: StringeeX supports field ordering (from top to bottom). Admin can change the order in which the additional fields appear on the ticket/contact/company details. To do this, admin click on the move icon in each additional field, then drag and drop up/down to the desired position.

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