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3. Change user information

Users access the "Profile" section to change account information.
Image 1: Account profile

Change a avatar

Click "UPLOAD" button as Image 2 and select photos on the device to change the avatar.
Image 2: Change the avatar

Change a profile

Select pen icon to change profile information
Image 3: Change profile information

Change a password

The user needs to remember and enter the old password to change the password.
A new password must satisfy the system's conditions as shown in Image 4.
Image 4: Change the password

Change a language

Currently, supported languages on StringeeX are Vietnamese and English.
Note: The language change only applies for the account making the change, not all other accounts.
Image 5: Change language

Call settings

Image 6: Call settings
  • Always open ticket tab: the form of opening the tab of the exam record to receive and make calls.
- On: show call ticket synchronously on active tabs
- Off: show only active call ticket on active tabs
  • SIP account: The user selects the SIP account wanting to assign

Ring settings

Users will set the ringtone of calls and chats here.
Image 7: Ring settings