ACD(Automatic Call Distributor) performace

What is ACD ?

ACD is the automatic call distribution from Customers calling to the contact center to agents. When calls reach the queue, the system will distribute them to agents belonging to the groups according to the rules installed on that queue.

Note: Calls will not be distributed to agents that don't belong to the group, the queue is set up with the hotline number.

What is ACD performance?

ACD performance reflects the status of inbound calls processing in each queue. This figure is possible to evaluate the number of inbound calls, the percentage of missed calls, calls met as well as whether the working efficiency of the required queues is sufficient or not.

Report on ACD performance

Report filter

Users can filter reports by desired timelines: by hour of the day, by day, by month.

Note: the time filter has a maximum limit of 1 filter of 31 days.

In addition, users can export an Excel report file to make it easier to filter data. The file will be returned in two forms: returning to the device (as shown in Image 3) and returning to the email of the account that exported the file.

Information fields

(1) Queue: The name of Portal's queues.

(2) Total calls: Total calls into a queue (calls stopped at IVR are not counted as queued).

(3) Number of answered calls: The total number of calls answered by the agent.

(4) Missed call rate: The percentage of calls not picked up by the Agent (total missed calls/total calls to the queue).

(5) SLA met: The rate of calls reaching the SLA of the queue (total SLA calls/total calls to the queue).

(6) SLA violation: If the queue does not reach the set SLA rate at the queue, it will be marked with a red “x”.

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