Agent performance

Provides detailed information about calling and answering calls of each agent, managing the assessment and overview of call volume and performance, assessing the work performance of personnel

Agent performance report

(1) Information filter

  • Agent: the name of the agent

  • Time: the time of the call

  • Group: agent group (multiple groups can be selected when searching)

  • Call type: including outgoing and incoming calls

  • Queue: inbound call queue (multiple queues can be selected when searching)

  • Hotline: hotline number (allows to select multiple hotline numbers when searching)

  • Export data: export data to computer. Data file is in the excel format

(2) Table of agent performance statistics

  • Agent: agent name

  • Average Answer Time (ATT): Average talk time of answered calls, including inbound and outbound calls. Calculated as total talk time divided by total calls

  • Total talk time: total talk time of answered calls, including duration of incoming and outgoing calls

  • Number of answers: the number of times the corresponding agent receives inbound calls

  • Number of times no answer: the number of times the agent did not accept inbound calls. Note that the number of times an agent does not answer calls may differ from the number of calls to that agent in the call history. For example, if a call from a customer is distributed to agent A for 15 seconds but agent A does not pick up and the call is forwarded to agent B. Agent B receives and talks to the customer, agent A will be counted as having not received a call once, while agent B will be counted as having answered a call

  • Number of successful outbound calls: the number of calls the agent called out and talked to the customer

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