Call report

By comparing and evaluating the effectiveness of different campaigns, businesses can find out the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign, then improving the content and optimizing the settings.

Call report interface

(1) Information filter

  • Campaign name: filter by campaign name to be reported

  • Agent: the name of the agent that needs reporting

  • Time: the time period for statistics (this period may be less than the time from the campaign start to the campaign end).

  • Export data: export data file in excel format to computer according to filter information

(2) Statistical results

  • Campaign: name of the campaign filtering results

  • Total customers: number of customers in the campaign

  • Total calls: total number of calls made in the campaign

  • Calls connected successfully: number of successful connection calls (customers answered the phone)

  • Call failed: number of calls that failed to connect (client didn't answer the phone, made an error call)

  • Total call duration (s): total duration of successful calls, duration of each call from when the customer answers the phone to the end of the call

  • Average call duration (s): average duration of calls, equal to the total duration of successful calls divided by the total number of successful calls

  • Waiting time and talk time ratio (%): percentage between total waiting time and total talk time (call duration) of successful calls

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