1.1. Inbound calls

Providing general statistics about the interaction of the contact center, including total incoming calls, answered calls, missed call rate, average speed of answer, average handling time of agents

Inbound calls interface

(1) Information filter

  • Duration: period to filter information

  • Queue: filter statistics by specified queue

(2) General statistics

  • Total in-queue calls: total calls to the hotline in the contact center

  • Total inbound calls routed to queues: The data include all queued calls, including calls received by the agent, distributed calls to an agent without any calls, or non-distributed calls to the agent (All agents in the queue are busy, so the call stays in the queue without being distributed to an agent)

  • Total answered calls: is the total number of calls that entered the queue, was distributed and received by the agent

  • Missed call rate: ratio of total missed calls to total in-queue calls

(3) Detailed call statistics by agent

  • Total call distributed times: the total number of times the system distributed calls to the agents.

Note: Total call distributed times are different from the number of calls. A call will have multiple rings for different agents to ensure the highest meeting rate. Therefore, the Total call distributed times (sum of all agents) will be greater than or equal to the total number of calls to the queue.

  • Times of answering calls: The total number of times the agent received the inbound call by the system. The number of answers may be less than or equal to the number of inbound calls

  • Times of refusing calls: The number of times the agent was distributed a call by the system but the agent did not pick up the phone (including the case when the agent refused and the customer hung up first)

  • Average handling time (second): average call time of an agent

(4) Visual charts

The table generally monitors the queue availability (receiving incoming calls) in the system.

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