Interface of campaign list

(1) Information filter

  • Campaign name: email campaign name you want to search for

  • Start time: campaign start time is set when creating campaign

  • End time: the campaign end time is set when creating the campaign

  • Status: filter by one of three states (New, Active, Completed)

(2) Filter result

  • Campaign ID: campaign identifier

  • Campaign name: the name of the campaign

  • Description: campaign description

  • Status: campaign status

  • Start time: campaign start time

  • End time: campaign end time

  • Creation time: the time the campaign was created

  • Action: action of the campaign

    • Approve: admin approved the campaign before launching

    • Edit: admin can edit some information of unfinished campaign. The edited information includes: Campaign name, Description, End time. After correcting the information, the admin needs to click the "Update" button to save the changed information

    • Delete: admin can only Delete email campaign without approval

Steps to create an email campaign

  • Step 1: Access the “Email campaign” menu as shown below:

  • Step 2: Click the “Add campaign” button on the Campaign list screen

  • Step 3: In the add campaign screen, admin fills in the following information

    • Campaign name: email campaign name set by admin

    • Description: a short description of the campaign being created. This information is not required

    • Start time: campaign start time

    • End time: campaign end time

    • Email: email used to send out to customers. Campaigns can use email out via Sendgrid or SMTP

    • Email template: choose a pre-made email template in Email Template List

    • Survey template: select a ready-made survey template in the Template List

  • Step 4: Click the “Next” button, move to the Add Customer screen. Click here to enter customer information

    • Add from: choose to add customers from one of three sources (Contact, Filters and Import data from excel)

    • Email sending time: choose when to start sending emails to customers in the “Add from” section. This information is not required. If the admin doesn't fill it out, the campaign will start sending emails as soon as it's approved

  • Step 5: Click Add campaign

  • Step 6: At the Campaign list screen, the admin selects the Approve action to start executing the campaign

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