Interface of agent list

  • Campaign name: filter by campaign name

  • Agent: filter by agent name

  • Add agent: add agent/agent group (group has been created and agent added on the system) to the campaign

(2) Search result

  • Agent: agent name in the campaign

  • Campaign name: campaign name

  • Campaign ID: campaign identifier on the system

  • Call-out quota: the number of customers that the agent can receive in the campaign. Note, the call out quota applies to the respective campaign, if this value is not left, it defaults to no limit.

  • Action:

    • Pause: temporarily stop the agent from receiving customers

    • Delete: remove the agent from the corresponding campaign

    • Start: restart the campaign after "Pause"

Add agents to the campaign

Admin adds agents by two options: Agent (manually add each agent, can select multiple agents) or Group (add an agent group, this group needs to be created and added agent to the previous group)

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