6.2.3 Agent monitoring

Monitoring information includes the agent presence on call, the status of manual call configuration, the status of manual chat configuration, change agent status

Agent monitoring interface

(1) Information filter

  • Manual configuration call status: is filtered by agent's calling status (agent can manually configure this parameter). Statuses include system statuses (available, unavailable, lunch break, short break, after-call work) and custom statuses created on the system

  • Manual configuration chat status: is filtered by agent's calling status (agent can manually configure this parameter). State includes system statuses (available, unavailable)

  • Online/offline: agent's current status

  • Group: filter information by group name

(2) Real-time agent monitoring information

  • Agent name: agent name on the system

  • Email: agent's system login email

  • Phone number: agent's personal phone number

  • Position: the role of the user on the system (admin, supervisor or agent)

  • Active: the active status of the agent, is it online or offline

    • Online: agent is logged in to the web or mobile app. When the agent logs into the mobile app, the agent status changes to online. If the agent is inactive for a while, or shuts down the app to optimize phone performance, the agent status will automatically switches to offline. However, agents can still receive calls thanks to the push notification feature of the mobile app

    • Offline: agent logged out/ lost the internet connection on web and mobile app, or agent just logged into mobile app but app is running in the background/ agent shuts down app (kill app)

  • System call status: is the status recognized by the system

    • Available: Agent can accept calls (not during the call and the after-call work time)

    • Ringing: The agent is making an outbound/internal call but the recipient is not picking up the phone. Or the incoming call is ringing to the agent but the agent hasn't picked up the phone.

    • Answering: Agent is talking in an outbound/inbound call

    • After-call work: Agent is in post-call processing time (time is set to process information after a call until the agent is ready to receive the next call)

  • Manual configuration call status: The status that is set manually by the agent, indicating the agent's readiness to receive calls. Note: An agent will be called (depending on the settings) with the status of Available. The other statuses (unavailable, lunch break, short break, and other custom fields) will be understood as not available. The different status names make the management agent's reporting and statistics more convenient.

  • Manual configuration chat status: The status is set manually by the agent, showing the agent's readiness to receive chats.

  • Call distribution: agent's call distribution method

    • App: calls to agent's mobile app and web

    • Web/Mobile App/SIP phone: calls to both web, mobile app and agent's SIP phone

    • IP phone: call to agent's IP phone

    • Agent's phone number: the call goes to the agent's personal phone number. This option is suitable when the agent cannot be online on the web/mobile app or the internet quality is poor to make calls via the web/mobile app. Note: The agent's personal phone number needs to be in the format 84xxxxxxxxx

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