4. Make a call

Make an outbound call

A manual outbound call

  • Step 1: In the interface, select as shown to open the numeric keypad. An agent enters the phone number of the customer to call out.

  • Step 2: Select the hotline number to call out at “Use number”

  • Step 3: Select the outbound call type

    • Video call via Internet: is used for internal video calling

    • Voice call via Internet: is used for internal voice calling

    • Phone call: is used to call out the customer's personal phone number

  • Step 4: Press the call button to make a call

An outbound call from a contact

The agent can make calls from contacts

An outbound call from a ticket

The agent make calls from the ticket

View call history

Agent acts as the below image to enter the History menu

Receive an inbound call

When there is an inbound call, the agent operate like the image below to receive the call

Actions in the call

(1) Mic: mic on/off during calls

(2) Speaker: turn on/off speaker when making a call

(3) Keypad: allows the user to press the key when making a call

(4) Add people to call: users can add other users on the system to the call

(5) Transfer call: users can transfer calls during making or receiving calls

  • Agent: transfer calls to 1 user on the system

  • Queue: transfer the call to a queue created on the system

  • Phone number: the user will enter the phone number to transfer the call or select the number directly from the contacts on the phone device

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